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New 2010 US Government site to complain about airlines (do not expect an resolution) and view statistics on late arrivals, mishandled bags, overbooking and volume of customer complaints Short fuse offers on discount fairs International road signs explained
biddingfortravel Tips on bidding for travel such as on and Car rentals - check BNM first then go to Priceline and bid with steeper discounts Center For Disease Control worldwide health info Performance history-based forecast of the odds of an on-time departure Find the distance between two specific places by using the city name or pin points on a Google-powered map, or general distance between countries by using the country names.

Forecasts fares and goes a step further, using sophisticated data-mining techniques to predict whether prices for a particular trip are likely to go up or down over the next week.

Best estimate of when a plane will land On time performance history View loads of data such as a month of prices for the same flight Provides recent Priceline accepted prices in a city Profiles of rewards programs with links Lets you search flights based on factors such as carriers record for losing bags or aircraft age Compares travel insurance plans International Society of Travel Medicine - find reliable, English speaking doctors abroad Best routing considering all airlines- no ticket sales Compares fares from 300 airlines, note some airlines like Southwest not included Last second deals - search by destination, date Find cheapest fares - especially Europe Finding cheapest times to fly to a certain place, use info then buy ticket on another site if not a travel agent

Daily front pages in their original, unedited form for hundreds of US daily newspapers. Good way to have current local knowledge on what’s happening where you plan to go, or are headed if local politics or unrest might be an issue Bid on airline seats, hotels and rental cars Detailed seating maps for 62 airlines and 74 plane models, find windows, most leg room, power outlets, distance to lavatory Fares from many airlines Where to find good bathrooms U.S. State Department travel warnings Personalized website for groups of people traveling together who want to plan together; includes message boards. Set a search criteria and when it finds a cheap trip to your needs it e-m notifies you Where all unclaimed airline luggage ends up Weather - current to 10 day forecast for around the world Head2Head section - compares frequent flier programs Lists of holidays and festivals around the world International currency converter

Alerts you when fares drop and helps you get rebates and tells you when miles seat opens up Fill out a trip request form, budget, where, when and an agent who specializes in your destination contacts you


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