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Green Facts to Consider

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Green Facts to Consider

Jet engines produce about 3.5% of the world’s human-generated carbon dioxide (CO2) the greenhouse gas most responsible for climate change. Scientists say that releasing greenhouse gases at high altitudes is three times more damaging than discharging them on the ground. (Conde Naste Traveler, Kevin Doyle)

Auto emissions produce 15% of the world’s human-generated carbon dioxide (CO2) the greenhouse gas most responsible for climate change.

Carbon Offset organizations collect money to negate the emission produced by your air flight by contributing to clean-energy projects such as wind or solar power or by planting trees which cleanse CO2 from the air. The cost ranges from $10 to $40 per ton of CO2 - roughly the amount of carbon attributed to one passenger flying round trip from Los Angeles to New York..

Methane accounts for 16% of global greenhouses gas emissions according to the International Energy Agency. The methane produced by the manure of a typical 1330 pound cow translates into about 5 tons of CO2 per year. That is about the same amount generated annually by a U.S. car that gets 20 mpg and travels12,000 miles per year.

The notion of carbon credits is found in the Kyoto Protocol, which allows industrialized nations that agree to carbon caps to meet their limits in part by bankrolling emission-reducing projects at sites where the cost of the task will be less expensive. (Wall Street Journal, June 14, 2007, B2)

Styrofoam is a product that is toxic to create, does not break down and is toxic to destroy.

Companies that have been publicly recognized for incorporating green policies in how they do business: Adobe, Cisco, Credit Suisse, Hewlett-Packard, Nike, Starbucks, Virgin Atlantic, Wal Mart.

Using 1,000 disposable plastic spoons consumes over 10 times more energy and natural resources than manufacturing one stainless steel spoon and washing it 1,000 times. (Environmental Defense Fund, PCMA Convene December 2006)

Meetings & Conventions changed to recycled paper for the magazine and Environmental Defense reports that eh change will save 7,385 trees each year, 1067 tons of wood, 7.9 trillion BTU’s of total energy, 1.5 million fewer pounds of CO2 greenhouse gases, 6.4 million fewer gallons of waste water and 845465 fewer pounds of solid waste.

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