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Conferences and Trade Shows Overview

Tradeshow FloorJBS & Associates works in strategic alliances with show owners to produce unique and financially rewarding conferences and trade shows. Our business is built on long-term relationships with show owners. The JBS & Associates team learns your industry strengths and weaknesses, goals and challenges. Then, we work with your board, staff, volunteers and committees to craft conferences and trade shows to meet your short and long-term business objectives.

Over the years we have worked in and continue to serve many diverse industries such as a scuba diving certification agency, recreation vehicles, motorcycles, stadium motorsports races, lawyers, accountants, coffee trade association and coffee stores, legal publications, childrens’ charities and more. Our staff adds value, quality and prestige to our clients’ events.

Our company will never be a giant organization. We made a philosophic decision many years ago about controlled growth and working in a long-term, relationship-based business model. If you enjoy working with the company owner and senior staff, instead of the junior hire of the season, then you’ll appreciate our philosophy. In an era of grow or die, JBS & Associates took to opposite tact – we provide superior results and serve the same clients year-after-year. We only take on new projects when we have senior staff time available to give you the personalized service you expect. Most of our new business comes by referral. Our focus is on serving our clients, not reaching a certain size or preparing for an IPO or leveraged buy out. We’re proud of our progressive trade show and conference practices and skills delivered in a committed business relationship.

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