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Carbon Neutral Offset Providers

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Carbon Neutral Offset Providers

Begin your education about Carbon Offset on the Clean Air-Cool Planet web site. Read
“The Consumer’s Guide to Retail Carbon Offset Providers”, revised March 2008, which is an understandable document that explains, quantifies in lay person’s language and refers to higher quality offset providers.

Their top performing Retail offset providers are in alphabetical order: AgCert/Driving Green (Ireland), atmosfair (Germany), Carbon Neutral Company (UK), Climate Care (UK), Climate Trust (USA), co2balance (UK), NativeEnergy (USA) and Sustainable TYravel/My Climate (USA).

Visit http// for a wealth of information, carbon calculation tools, case studies, employee training ideas and more.

The Environmental Defense Fund website also features a section about carbon offset. Individual projects that have been quality reviewed are listed, along with the name of the carbon retailer that funds the project. As of January 2009 the list included projects funded through, terrapass, e-BlueHorizons, Sterling Planet, The Carbon Neutral Company, EcoSecurities, 3Degrees and Renewable Choice Energy.

If you use a “simple” carbon offset calculator on one web site, don’t be surprised it the calculation on more complex calculator does not exactly match. Both sites make assumptions in their calculations and may or may not disclose all these back end numbers that modify the final result.

Carbon Calculators to try:

Typical Carbon Footprints: ( Source: New Carbon Finance and Ecosystem Marketplace, U.S Department of Energy, Native Energy, the Climate Trust, LA Times Sept 2, 2007)

Driving The U.S. national average per vehicle is 5.5 tons.
Annual mileage / vehicles miles per gallon x .00978 ton of CO2 per gallon = your car’s carbon footprint in tons of CO2

Air Travel The U.S. national average is .5 ton
Annual miles flown x .0004 ton of CO2 per mile = your air flights carbon footprint in tons of CO2

Home Energy Use:CA U.S. National average is 12.3 tons
6.2 tons for a single family home, 4.7 for a townhouse or 3.1 for an apartment

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