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“It’s easy to look in a rear view mirror and see where you’ve been. The challenge is to see the future, blaze the trail to where you want to be, and get everyone to follow you.”
Jeanne Sleeper, CEO, JBS & Associates

“To be a leader, you have to be curious and willing to take risks, possess the ability to challenge and motivate yourself and others, and have the vision to see and take advantage of unexpected opportunities.”
Marye Anne Fox, Chancellor US San Diego

“Sustainability is not a deliverable. Sustainability is not a thing. Sustainability is not simply about efficient technology and techniques. It is about life - a process by which living things such as forests, oceans, neighborhoods, people, businesses, mushrooms and polar bears ensure their viability over the long haul. It is a process of reciprocal relationship - a process by which living things support and are supported by a larger whole.”
William Reed, AIA, LEED AP

Speaking about climate change in An Inconvenient Truth, former Vice-President Al Gore said, “What changed in the U.S. with Hurricane Katrina was a feeling that we have entered a period of consequences.”

Environmentally and Socially Responsible Meetings –
What’s That Mean?

Green meetings are gatherings that make conscious choices to incorporate environmental considerations in their planning and execution in order to minimize the negative impact on the environment. The baby steps were recycling efforts. We have come to understand that sustainability of the planet must become a larger consideration than society has formerly made it.

Webs of resources are exploited when large groups of people gather. Our human nature values face-to-face communication for clarity and relationship building. Meetings, conferences, expositions, festivals, hospitality functions and sporting events are not likely to become extinct. So the broad challenge of green meetings is in the planning and execution process to identify, question and change long-held practices where there exist more environmentally friendly options.

One day green meetings will not be optional. Sometimes it is a matter of tradition, other times financial considerations, but ultimately it will be a matter of personal and corporate survival. The question is, not “if”, but “when” your organization or your client will make a corporate social responsibility decision to minimize their gatherings environmental footprint.

The challenge of green leadership is to be on the leading edge of change, but remembering to look back and confirm that your organization, members and suppliers are close on your shirt tail. You can only lead as fast as your constituents are able and willing to follow. Therein lies the fine line between being the hero early adopter and failure.